What love is to me…… and how I capture it.

For years now I have been on this photography journey. I have met THE most amazing people and the most beautiful families! I have learned and have grown so much. I have seen the best of the best and it makes me want to be all I can be.  I have a VERY strong opinion on marriage and what marriage is in my eyes. It’s amazing, beautiful, hard, fun, easy, crazy, unconditional, faithful, hopeful, true, real, sweet, hurtful, forgiveness and most of all ETERNAL! As I meet so many different couples I learn how with time marriage takes a toll on us but we gain so much love and strength from years of struggles that come with day to day life. Marriage is a place of respect and not a place to walk in and out of. It’s a place where we should take it seriously not a place where we hurt our loved ones!  I am a HUGE fan of marriage. I married my most wonderful best friend! We have so much love for each other and yet we fight just like the rest of them! I respect him soooo much and desire his presence all the time! He is my rock and my shoulder when I need him. He’s my light and my strength. I love him more and more each day that passes.

I wanted to do this post because I have seen so much love no matter what the age may be. You’ll see in all of these the love that these people have for each other. These were not posed just THEM and only THEM! That’s why these are some of my most very favorites!  They tell a story….. a story of TRUE REAL LOVE not the movie stuff! Real LOVE! It’s a LONG one! Give it a bit to upload.. there’s a lot of pics!

And…… in the craziness of it all……..we have each other together.. forever…xoxo

Cuz, this is what it’s all about! xoxo

Tiffany    xoxo

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