{sweet maddox}

Where do I even start? Life the last couple of months has been so nuts and so not normal. With our house selling so fast (in like an hour) we packed up and came to live with my in-laws. it’s been bittersweet. I am so grateful we have a place to stay until our new house is done BUT I am sooooooo missing my space especially my workspace! So, I haven’t been taking as many sessions because editing is not so fun where I’m at. Terry and I are in a small room with my computer in a corner. I am not coming down on my situation at all. BUT time is drawing near (6 more days) and we’ll be in our wonderful new home!! YAY!! There I will have my office back with a small studio and I am GIDDY to no end! 🙂 Enough of me……

On to Mr. Maddox. This session was clear back in March! UGh! I am so behind it’s sad. He is precious and so loved! I adore his beautiful mother who gives me the best compliments a girl could ask for! I loved this session. I love Maddox! Enjoy………..

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