{saving the best for best for last…..kinda} my last post of the year!!!!!!

Are you ready for an overload??!! Here I go…… As you ALL know I am running crazy, sick and trying to get ready to go to Vegas for Christmas! I have tried so hard to put up each session up here on the blog but now I’m am hurting for time! To my clients….. I am sorry!!! Where did the time go?!!!

So, in this post you are going see some amazing families! Families that I met for the first time, some…… well….. that have touched my heart BEYOND measures and words, you know who you are 😉 Adorable babies and children. Ones that you just want to SQUEEZE!!!  Again, please forgive me for not doing each session one by one! There are 12 I have yet to post! So here it goes… a beautiful collage! *WARNING* there are a lot of pictures. Give it time to load, please 🙂

I ask myself often how did I get so LUCKY??!!!!! I am blessed…. so VERY blessed! Blessed to have you all as my friends! Thanks for making this journey so special!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you ALL!!!  See you next year!!!!With all of my love…….

Tiffany 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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