{one crazy happy family}

Yes… it’s true… they are happy, crazy and so fun to be around! Meet Brooke my BFF in crime and her family! Her parents, sister and her immediate family! Brooke is a mother of 4 children to which her oldest is 12!!! That’s right 12! NUTS ,I tell ya! She has 1 sister(like me) and they are super close and super funny together! Brooke says it’s time for pictures and they just show up! Love it! Her parents are so great with her kids too! We had fun! SO much personality with this crew……. enjoy!!!! 🙂

Thanks for being so patient! I am so behind it’s ridiculous! I have 15 sessions to blog!! Yikes! I would love to have them blogged before I go to Vegas on the 17th!! We’ll see, right??!!! Have a great Monday!! 🙂

Tiffany xoxoxoxo

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