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Here we are……. all 5 of us! For a year now I have been dreaming of doing this amazing family picture! We have never had one taken..EVER!! It has always been me at the last minute gathering whatever we have in our closets and setting the timer. Last year was the last straw.. I had HAD it!! I get so CRAZY at trying to get the kind of picture that I want but by the time our turn rolls around I am strung! So……. ALL year I have been collecting ideas and letting my brain do some magic at really trying to some awesome ideas! I was going to have someone else besides myself take the pictures because I wanted to be focused on my family and I didn’t want to be “photographer” at ours. So, vintage, Duh of course, was what I wanted. I really wanted a classy 50’s dress and I found one and had a lady make it! It turned out amazing!! I am in love with it! I didn’t buy a ton of new clothes for everyone just a couple odds and ends! So, we were ready!! I thought we would have this grand long beautiful session…NOPE….. my dress took a little longer then what I thought…totally NO BIGGIE and our lives became SUPER busy…….so I was going to take it upon myself AGAIN to set the camera up and do it myself BUT my sweet friend PAM said NO WAY!! So she became my clicker!! WAHOO!! Seriously clickers ROCK! I set the camera up, got everyone ready and she clicked! Just like that! Hello…why didn’t I get a clicker before!? LOL! It was awesome!! After every few shots she showed me and would adjust the camera or change things to my liking! Then I grabbed the camera to take a few of the my babies! Anywho….. it worked for us and it was great! Thanks Pam!!! So here we are the Parrish family, my family, my LOVE!!! These people are my most precious treasures! I adore these guys! YAY!!! This is what I dreamed about as a little girl! Thanks for letting me share these with you!  ( it might take a sec to upload) Enjoy……….

Here we are!! This event seriously took like…….20 min tops! It was fast and crazy! Thanks Pam for calming me down and helping me out! Have a great day! 🙂

Tiffany  xoxoxoxo

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