{5 years and 9 months}

This post is WAY over due!! So, as always on each kids birthday or around the same time I take them on a little date. This year….well, a little different! I kept trying to get a moment with just Paige and I but with Disneyland and her starting school…..NO TIME! PLus, I had to get Stockton’s 9 month too! So, after dinner one night I scurried all the kids and Terry as fast I as could because light was getting low and went to take some photos!!! I did Stock first because I didn’t want to lose him. His turned out cute but by the time it was Paige’s turn the light was so low and of course I was freaking out! Hers are too low but still cute. It was just to hectic! But hey….. I got some. So here is my sweet beautiful 5 year old and my then 9 month old!! To which in about a week in a half he will be ONE!!!

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